Learn How to Stop Worrying with our New Self-Help Module

Sometimes it’s hard to stop worrying about things. This can make us irritable, stressed and anxious. It also can affect our sleep and our concentration.

If that sounds familiar, you might benefit from our new module, Taking Charge of your Worry, available now on iOS and Android.

To get the module, download our app now. If you already have it, simply install the latest update.

Who is it for?

If you find it hard to stop worrying and want some strategies to help manage it, this module is for you. We know that a little bit of worry is completely normal. It motivates us to plan and prepare for things in the future. But when it gets out of control it’s no longer helpful, and can cause us a great deal of tension and anxiety.

How does it work?

This module uses case studies, activities and information to take you on a self-help journey towards tackling your worry. It uses established therapeutic techniques, including CBT, and has been clinically tested by the Black Dog Institute.

The module focuses on how to identify patterns of excessive worry that may be causing you to feel anxious. You’ll also learn how to identify unhelpful thinking patterns which may be keeping your anxiety going. It looks at how to counteract these unhelpful thoughts with more balanced thinking, and covers some useful techniques for controlling excessive worry day to day.

Sounds good. How do I get it?

This module is available via desktop, and via our iOS and Android apps. We also have modules to help you tackle stress, fear, anxiety and unhelpful thinking, and improve your happiness and wellbeing.

Get the My Possible Self app now, and start your journey to becoming the best version of you. If you’re an employer and want to find out how we can help you improve wellbeing in your work place, get in touch today.

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