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Because your employees’ mental health matters

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Helping you build a more resilient workplace

Our mental health platform empowers your employees by providing the mental health tools to help them flourish in the workplace and at home.

Free access to Priory Healthcare content

Provide your employees with free access to all content created in collaboration with our friends at Priory Healthcare. Interactive tools and techniques to support employees in areas such as stress, anxiety, depression and sleep.

Get in-depth analytics and insights

With a detailed analytics platform, you’ll gain valuable insights into the wellbeing of your employees. Identify, understand and support the needs of your employees with a daily summary of their mental wellbeing, so you can support your staff in the most effective way.

If you need more help

Priory Healthcare can support individual employees with private counselling if they need it. They can also support your organisation as a whole with world-leading Assistance Programmes provided by their sister company, Care First.

Work mental health in numbers

1 in 6

employees experience mental health issues at work

17.9 m

working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the UK

£45 bn

cost to UK employers per year due to poor mental health

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