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The mental health app that uses clinically proven content

you can use anywhere, anytime!


Bloopy, your mental health assistant

Bloopy will guide you through the app setup and self-assessment questionnaire.

Once you have completed your free self-assessment, the app will recommend a self-help module for you.

So, whether you’re feeling the pressure at work, or your anxiety is becoming too much, you can create a plan to suit you at every step of your journey.

Try our Mood Tracker & Insights Tool

You can rate your mood at any time using our intuitive mood tracking and insights tool, so you can recognise how your activity affects your mood.

NEW Mood History – Look back at how you’ve been feeling over time.  Privately express your daily thoughts, feelings and experiences by adding notes and photos to your moods.

Better mental health & wellbeing

Using recognised psychological strategies and clinically proven research from The Black Dog Institutethe My Possible Self app will teach you coping mechanisms to handle situations life may throw your way.

Investing time in yourself will help you live a better, healthier and more fulfilling life.