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New module: Tackling Unhelpful Thinking

Topic of the month: Tackling Unhelpful Thinking

Do you ever find yourself having negative thoughts? Do you often find yourself questioning your own self-worth? You’re not alone – it’s easy to fall into a cycle of thinking this way. But we’re here to help, with our brand new module, Tackling Unhelpful Thinking.

Get the app now, or update to the latest version, to take this new clinically-proven module. It’s just one of the many areas covered by our new digital mental health programme.

What is unhelpful thinking?

Unhelpful thinking is when we have negative thoughts that impact our ability to cope.

We all have days where we think we can’t do anything right, that we’re hopeless, or that bad things always happen. But sometimes these passing thoughts can become more frequent, forming patterns of thinking that can lead us to become depressed.

Some examples of unhelpful thinking may include: “Nothing ever goes right for me”, “I always mess up”, “My boss thinks I’m stupid”, or “I got a low test score – I must be useless”.

Avoiding common ‘thinking traps’

These types of thought are commonly referred to as ‘thinking traps’. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking traps, but they can hinder our success and cause a great deal of distress.

Through this new self-help module, you can find out more about common thinking traps and learn to identify them. Through information, activities and case studies, you’ll pick up some useful techniques for breaking the cycle of unhelpful thinking.

How to get the app

The My Possible Self app is available from the App Store, Google Play or via desktop at www.mypossibleself.com.

Explore our clinically proven modules, track your thoughts and record daily ‘moments’ through images, text and emoji. It’s easy to use and can help reduce stress, anxiety and mild to moderate depression.

If you’ve already got the app, make sure you install the latest update to get the new module.

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