New module available now: Communicating Clearly

New module available now: Communicating Clearly

Learn better communication skills

Communication skills are important for positive relationships, which are so important to good mental health. In our new module, Communicating Clearly, we look at both listening and expressing yourself, and teach some handy techniques for improving the flow of communication. Get the app now to start improving your communication skills.

Who is this module for?

This module can help anyone improve their communication skills. It may be particularly useful if you think you may not always have clear communication, or if you’re having difficulties communicating with particular people or in certain situations.

Why should you do it?

Perhaps you’ve recently been promoted and are looking to improve your management skills. Perhaps you and your partner or a family member are going through a rough patch. Maybe you just want to get some hints and tips to improve your day-to-day interactions. Whatever your situation, this module can be completed in bite-size chunks, anytime, anywhere.

How do I get the module?

First, download our app. It’s full of learning modules, and also has a handy behaviour tracking tool and online diary feature. Subscriptions cost £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year. If you want to try before you subscribe, try our free module, Managing Fear and Anxiety, to get a flavour of our clinically-proven content.

If you already have the app, install the latest update and you’re ready to go.

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