Enjoy Our New & Improved Mood Tracker + Mood History Tool

  • Improved Mood Tracker: customise mood entries by adding your own people, places and activity tags. Attach diary notes and photos to each mood entry. Edit, delete and re-order mood entries as you wish.
  • NEW Mood History: understand and identify triggers that influence your moods over time so you can make healthy life choices. Filter by mood, dates, attached photos and notes.

We’ve improved the Mood Tracker and developed a new tool, Mood History after speaking to 80 existing app users about how we can change the app for the better – that’s you!

Improved Mood Tracker

As a result today’s release allows you to customise your mood entries by adding your own people, places or activity tags to get a better picture of what’s influencing your mood. Whatever you’re up to, whether it’s stretching yourself into a yoga pose or taking a walk down the road, you can create custom tags to associate anything you like with a mood entry.

Users requested the ability to add notes about their day and attach photos to mood entries to better recall what influenced a certain mood that day so that functionality has now been built into the Mood Tracker. The more personalised each mood entry, the more helpful your insights will become.

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NEW Mood History

Use the new Mood History feature to quickly scan through your mood entries over time. Filter by mood, dates, attached photos and notes. Easily filter your mood entries to learn what people, places and activities make you feel great and those that don’t so you can make considered and informed life choices.

Our psychologist Caroline says,

“Tracking your mood closely is known to increase emotional awareness and is often the first step in a clinical treatment.  Firstly it allows you to normalise symptoms, and secondly detect if you are experiencing mental health issues which need some active intervention.”

“Tracking when your mood is exacerbated or improved then allows you to start to formulate your patterns of mood and well-being. This gives you a starting point as to what to change and how.”

We spoke to 80 people who used the app and asked them what they think to our app and what we can be doing better. Our improved Mood Tracker and Mood History features are a direct result of that research.

So if you’re looking to maintain and improve your mental health, try My Possible Self, the mental health app. 🙂

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Take care,

Rich, part of the My Possible Self family

Richard Dale

I promote My Possible Self to the public, the NHS and to business through communication. I'm passionate about mental health as I've been living with my own difficulties for 8+ years.