How to make the most of your alone time

Spending time alone doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, it can actually do you good. Being by yourself is a good way to become more comfortable in your own skin and achieve greater self-acceptance.

Ease into it

The thought of being alone can be a scary one, so take it a step at a time. Gradually finding activities you like to do alone helps you to adjust slowly to your new-found ‘me’ time. Doing something calming that distracts you from your surroundings is a great way to start getting used to time alone, like becoming immersed in a good book or learning to play a musical instrument.

Turn off your phone

It’s nice to feel wanted and needed, but try turning your phone off for an hour. Your friends and family will still be there when you’re ready to talk, but in the meantime the lack of interruptions can help you tune into the real you, be at one with your thoughts and even process and solve worries or problems you’ve been struggling to deal with.

Get out and about

Spending some time alone doesn’t have to mean shutting yourself away from the world. Go for a walk, pop out for a coffee or go read in your favourite sunny spot – this all counts as alone time.

 Be productive

You could make use of the time you have to yourself by doing all the things you’ve been putting off. Washing the dishes or tidying your home during your alone time means you don’t have to miss out on any fun to get chores done. Removing the daunting feeling of having to do something you don’t want to do can also make you feel happier and enable you to better enjoy yourself the rest of the time.

Rise and shine

If you live in a house with other people and are wondering when you’ll be able to get some time alone, try getting up slightly earlier than usual. Setting your alarm for just half an hour earlier each morning means you can have some quiet time to reflect and think before everyone else gets up. The same applies to going into work early and grabbing some alone time before everyone else arrives.

Make use of your lunchtime

Another good way to fit some alone time into your busy schedule is to use your lunch break. Tear yourself away from your desk, resist making plans with friends or colleagues and go it alone for one lunch break per week.

Being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing; there are lots of benefits to having some time to yourself. Find the way that best works for you and take some time to really get to know yourself.

Sam Weston

I am a social media manager, content writer and audio enthusiast - I set a world record once upon a time!