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My Possible Self

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My Possible Self

the mental health app clinically proven to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood

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How it works

Track your mood

Track how you feel every day with the improved Mood Tracker - select from Great, Good, Okay, Bad, Awful - add notes and photos to each entry and personalise your moods.

Look back in time

Look back to how you’ve been feeling over time with our new Mood History feature. View your historical mood entries to pick up patterns in behaviour.

Understand yourself better

Do more of the things that make you feel great and less of the things that don’t by learning from our Mood Tracker insights. Understand what activities, places and people influence your mood.

Learn to think differently

Select from 10 learning modules including our FREE Building Happiness and Wellbeing module. Develop new ways to deal with thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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What people say

For me, it’s about learning to cope better with stressful situations, and the modules teach you ways to do that.

Anthony, Tooting

It does the opposite to social media. Normally in social media you are more worried that someone else likes you more than you like yourself.

James, Leeds

The modules are great for setting goals, whether short term or long term – they guide you and give you focus.

Charlotte, Durham

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