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Managing Stress & Overload

In today’s world the word ‘stress’ has become commonplace. Most people say they have at least some stress in their lives. Whether our load is light or heavy, it’s how we cope that matters. In this module we’ll learn ways to increase our coping ability – by building in ways to ‘recharge the batteries’ and by seeing how our thoughts and actions can increase or decrease our levels of stress.

Managing Fear & Anxiety

Anxiety is ‘fear that lasts’ – and too much anxiety interferes with our well-being and enjoyment of life. We know that some anxiety is normal and useful if it motivates us to action, but sometimes we find ourselves feeling anxious in situations where we don’t need to be. First this module helps you analyse what sets off your anxiety and what maintains it. Understanding your anxiety is the first key to managing it. Then it explores the steps you can take to prevent or manage anxiety so that it doesn’t take over.

Solving Problems

Many people have ideas for how to solve problems, but they don’t put them into action for a number of reasons. Or sometimes we jump straight into solutions for a problem without really considering all the options. If we leave problems unsolved they don’t usually go away and they often get worse. If we have a buildup of unsolved problems we can feel stressed, helpless and overwhelmed. This in turn can lead to depression and anxiety. This module is a structured 7 step methodology for solving problems – any problem.

Managing Loss & Major Life Changes

Loss and major change can mean many things: not only the end of an important relationship through death, divorce, migration or other separation, but losing a pet, becoming a parent, retirement, bankruptcy, accident or taking on a full-time caregiver role. All of these represent major life upheavals that involve loss. This module aims to support people who have had some time to process their loss, and who feel ready to move into a new stage or role in life.

Building Happiness & Wellbeing

We all like to feel happy. This module provides real, proven techniques to help boost your happiness and wellbeing. While positive emotions don’t completely cancel out negative ones like depression or anxiety, this module will help you build resilience. This module takes a positive psychology approach to promoting happiness and wellbeing. We look at what makes and keeps people happy, and we explore three activities that have been proven to boost happiness.