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Delivering emotional health and well-being since 2009


Founder Joanne Wilkinson set up My Possible Self in 2009 where she delivered a range of emotional health and well-being services with the paramount goal of supporting each individual in discovering and developing their highest potential.

Having experienced emotional difficulties in her adult life, Joanne sought guidance from a highly skilled therapist which transformed her life. It was this experience that empowered Joanne to help others and in 2013 Joanne was awarded ‘Not for Profit Business Women of the Year.’

In 2016, Joanne decided to take My Possible Self on a new journey. Recruiting her two daughters Hana and Fleur to the team, My Possible Self has been transformed into the mental health app it is today.

The app includes clinically proven content from the Black Dog Institute at the University of New South Wales, Australia and consists of a range of self-help modules. The modules use established forms of therapy including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), problem solving therapy, positive psychology and interpersonal therapy and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety in just eight weeks.

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