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Mental health support for a happier, healthier workplace

Clinically proven techniques to improve your employees’ mental health and wellbeing in just a few weeks


At My Possible Self, we’ve worked with everyone – from large corporate health providers, retailers and insurance providers, to organisations with only 5 employees.

The one thing they have in common? They know how important it is to look after their employees’ mental health.

It’s a smart choice.

Last year, 12.5 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety, and 1 in 6 workers experienced mental health problems at work.

Our app uses clinically proven techniques, developed by world-leading experts in mental health, to help your employees feel happier and healthier in just a few weeks.

Looking after your staff’s mental health has benefits for you too.

  • a happier, more productive workforce
  • less sick days
  • better employee satisfaction
  • a strong, supportive work culture

Our cost-effective programme comes with a detailed analytics platform, with fully anonymised data, to give you unprecedented insights into the mental health of your organisation, so you can support your staff in the most effective ways.

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